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$6.76+tax, it’s a wrap

So, the $6.76+tax event last Friday went off without a hitch. Thanks to all of you who came out to get rowdy with us. If you weren’t there or can’t remember what happened, here’s a quick recap courtesy of the our friends at Life Without Andy.

Until next time.

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$6.76 + tax

When we first saw Taylor Cardinio (aka @676plustax) pull a disposable camera out of his pocket at a show in Las Vegas, we all laughed. When we realized he carried them everywhere and shot everything, the joke was on us.

There’s something about film that makes a moment special, that makes people pose, act, or be naturally, and honestly who they really are. $6.76 is the price of a disposable camera. The price of twenty-seven perfectly imperfect photos. No memory card, no Photoshop…just a tangible collection of travels, girls, surf, strangers and everything else that’s fucking cool. Disposable youth making mistakes and not fearing the consequences.

We asked to see the archives and immediately wanted to put together a journal of his collection.

$676 + tax follows Taylor and his crew through the natural landscape of Southern California where TAVIK lives. “Often images of young kids are taken by people from outside their circle, where with Taylor, he is the author of his own story,” comments TAVIK Creative Director, Mark Powell.

The first volume of $6.76 + tax is 36 pages of content generated entirely by Taylor, presented in a small format print edition. Tavik chose to work with Taylor because we feel he captures the core of our Modern Beach identity, a new wave aesthetic to beach culture, and the TAVIK lifestyle, from day to night.

The book previewed at Agenda Long Beach, with a follow up event at Dax Gallery Friday, July 18th at 7pm. Come join us!

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Bob Mazzer UNDERGROUND Exhibition

In the 1980s, Bob Mazer worked as a projectionist at a porn cinema. During his tenure he began photographing daily commuters in the London Underground, capturing candid snapshots of the capital’s vibrant demographic. Now in his late ’60s, Mazzer presents an expansive body of work in his first solo show titled “UNDERGROUND” at Howard Griffin Gallery. Upheld by humorous undertones, the images capture the social history of London rarely seen — archival photos of punks and skinheads are placed alongside that of commuters smoking cigarettes in carriages. Check out the exhibition recap here and head to our latest THROUGH THE LENS for a closer look at Mazzer’s work.

Bob Mazzer Underground Exhibition
Howard Griffin Gallery
189-190 Shoreditch High Street,
E16HU, London
United Kingdom

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Luke Rockhold Tours Europe

Reposted from Swell

Santa Cruz Surfer and UFC wonderboy Luke Rockhold just returned from a tour across Europe making guest appearances in the best beaches & clubs from Ibiza to Berlin. He kept it America strong rocking our Americana Trunks, and it clearly worked wonders for him.

(Clockwise top L to R) Matt isnt the only Rockhold brother who throws buckets, Tavik Americana Trunks, Luke @Heylittleslugger & Sunbather, Luke wins in TKO vs Costas Phillipou

Obviously Luke and Miles had some mind-altering/life-changing experiences with the Ibiza locals. Here’s their “Ode to the Spanish Señorita”

“Have you ever seen a Spanish women prepare fish? I have and it’s glorious. The Spanish women makes eye contact and smile at you during conversation. She rarely wears her top at the beach and seems to have curves in all the right places. Her accent hints of Penelope Cruz in vanilla sky. The Spanish women don’t care of your name or what you do for a living. To her, you are “honey baby”. We have come to the conclusion that we will be growing old with a Spanish señorita…Or Romanian…It’s a coin flip.”

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Past and Present Tuesday May 13

Sung by Bridgette Bardot and written by Serge Gainsbourg, “Contact”, upon its release, was considered extremely outlandish, and used abnormal instrumentation and vocal methods. Contemporary psychedelic group Wooden Shjips reinterpreted this 1968 retro-futuristic song over 40 years later, turning a 2 minute tune into an 8 minute jam. Listen to each version below on today’s Past and Present.

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Spareparts Opens Store in Canada

The fine folks over at Spareparts just posted a video tour of their newest store at the St. Vital Centre in Winnipeg. Such a beautiful store. Congrats to the team!

Spareparts at St. Vital Centre from Chad Reynolds on Vimeo.

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Win TAVIK on Hypebeast

Younity recently announced its #getyounity campaign to spread the word about its new personal cloud service that enables users to access and share the entirety of their multimedia collection across all of their devices from anywhere in the world. This personal cloud is compiled from devices and subscribed online services and does so without syncing and regardless of storage limits. You can instantly stream and privately share all of your music libraries and playlists, videos and movies, and even high-resolution photography to your iPhone or iPad. For a limited time, new users can enjoy younity for free.

As part of the campaign, Younity is offering prizes to two lucky winners:

1st Prize: iPad Mini,Tavik Case, Acrylick Men’s Gear
2nd Prize: iPad Mini

To learn more about Younity and to try it out for free on iOS (Android coming soon) and your desktop. Download now at the younity website.

As for the contest, here’s how to enter to win TAVIK on HYPEBEAST:

1. Follow HYPEBEAST on Facebook and Twitter
2. Follow Younity on Facebook and Twitter
3. Retweet this blog post using the hashtag #HYPEYOUNITE

Here are the start and end dates for the contest:

Start: April 28th, 2014 at 10:00 am EST

End: May 5th, 2014 at 10:00 am EST

Winners will be randomly selected and announced on May 12th, 2014 at 10:00 am EST.

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Thursday Afternoon 4-24-2104

Stereolab have ventured through an array of musical styles, and most notably have been labeled as one of the first “post-rock” groups. The epitome of their sound featured guitar driven melodies, heavily synthetic textures, and an abnormal approach to percussion and rhythm. On this Thursday afternoon, listen to “Diagonals” off of their 1997 album Dots and Loops.

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The Tavik Crew Heads to Coachella

We survived Coachella. We made it through waking up in the back of the car, taking dips in the pool that doubled as showers, and consistently consuming a breakfast of Snickers and Gatorade for three days in a row. And it was glorious.

The highlight of our desert rager, other than the giant astronaut that graced the pages of everybody’s social media? Possibly hearing Arcade Fire frontman, Win Butler confirm what we felt about the overhyped VIP area.

“Alright guys, we’re gonna give you every ounce of what we’ve got if you give it back to us,” said Butler. “I just want to say that there’s a lot of fake VIP room bullshit happening at this festival. Sometimes people dream of being there, but it sucks in there so don’t worry about it.”

And we didn’t.

On top of an amazingly unbelievable set by Arcade Fire were the unannounced appearances by a smattering of A-list names: Jay Z, who rapped with his former rival Nas; Beyoncé, who danced (but didn’t sing) with her sister Solange; and Justin Bieber, who presumably turned up to get his picture on Instagram.

There is just too much to report on, to be honest. So you wanna see pics? Well, here they are. Enjoy!

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Formed in 1988, The Brian Jonestown Massacre are widely respected as the greatest 60′s revivalist group. From instrumentation to songwriting techniques, the group constantly paid homage to early psychedelic groups. Their name was no exception, referencing The Rolling Stones founding member, Brian Jones. As a Past and Present recommendation, listen to “Feelers” by The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and “Sing This All Together” by The Rolling Stones, and be sure to catch The Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Observatory on May 7th.

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