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With their 2nd EP launching September 24, we sat down with our friends at Emeron & Fox (Jim, Bit & John) to learn a little more about the band. Crack a frosty beverage and enjoy the Q&A and tunes below:

How did you name the band?
We used to joke around pretending we were finance big-shots. You know, just being assholes and pretending to throw money around that’s not ours. The names Emeron Kale and Fox Barrington will always make us laugh.

How did the band form?
We’ve formed some awesome chemistry over the past 15 years. The three of us are insanely close, and have been experimenting with various sounds for some time now, but I guess you could say that geographical boundaries of going to college forced us to experiment with electronic music, and that was the initial driving force behind E&F.

Where are you from/ how has this effected your music?
We are from New Jersey but currently live in Brooklyn. We live on the same street in Brooklyn which is real great, we get tons of time to play- our favorite spot as of late is a back-room practice studio at this antique shop around the corner from our apartment in Brooklyn. It’s a real good time jamming in there, and we’ve somehow managed to not break any antiques on the way in…. yet.

Who should we be listening to?
Oh man, check out Monitor 66 from Stockholm- they are doing a remix for our upcoming EP “Nightmares” and they absolutely kick ass. The Benevento Russo Duo (Sunny’s Song is a band favorite), Flight Facilities, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (Household Goods is another band favorite), Goldroom if you’re in the party mood.. check out Purity Ring and Final DJ’s as well. Also check out Michael Lovett’s new project called NZCA Lines, Okinawa Channels is a real classic track.

If you could play a show, at any time (past or present) at any venue, with any other act who would it be (anywhere in the world)?

It’d be pretty awesome to play alongside Daft Punk on the global stage…. But we’re going to go the road less traveled and say we’d love to go back in time to the early 2000′s when we saw The Benevento Russo Duo at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. There were probably 25 people at the show, but it had some of the best energy of any show we’ve ever attended. I think we all agree that if we could go back to that moment and join them on stage playing “Sunny’s Song” or “Play Pause Stop”, it’d be well worth the time machine damaging our bodies and scrambling body parts around. I’m sure we could all play with each others’ limbs anyways. So long as the time machine doesn’t mess with Bit’s vocal chords, Bit’s voice coming out of John would be a fucking trip.

Have each band member name their favorite song and why.
Hard to pick a single favorite but we’ll each give you one of our top songs of all time…
Jim- NZCA Lines- “Okinawa Channels”
Bit- Benevento Russo Duo- “Sunnys song”
John- Freddy Hubbard- “Red Clay”

The Brooklyn based electronic group also shared their latest remix. It’s simply amazing. Take a listen here: http://soundcloud.com/emeronandfox/sets/nightmares-ep-out-sept-24th-on

Is it September 24 yet?! We can’t wait to get our mitts on “Nightmares”.



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Music Mondays- Crystal Castles

It’s Music Monday at the TAVIK office. We got the track “Untrust Us” from Crystal Castles to start the week off!

Crystal Castles – Untrust Us by Crystal Castles

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Music Mondays – Aloe Blacc

It’s Music Monday in the TAVIK office.  Today we got Aloe Blacc with “I Need a Dollar” blasting through the office!

I Need A Dollar by edobeci

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“……I dont listen, I’m a terrible multitasker, I like food, I’m a dad, I’m patient and in general I’m sarcastic as shit. I’ll make fun of you one of these days.”


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