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Interview with Tavik Ambassador Corey Wilson

Corey Wilson 

How is waking up for morning light and staying up all night for your dj sets working out?

Photography and Music are my two most favorite things in the world. Being able to do both of them in one day is an amazing feeling. It gets pretty exhausting at times but that is what naps are for.

 Best surfboard airbrush that has been punted toward your face while shooting?

Josh Hoyer basically painted the devil on the bottom of his board a couple years ago. It was one of the scariest things I have ever seen coming at me.

The prettiest girls in the world are in-

I am still on the search to find the place. I have heard that Argentina has the prettiest girls but in my eyes Brazil was the best.

Brazil Pools


What’s the best photo you’ve ever shot?

My favorite photo to this date is of Pat Gudauskas on the Gold Coast of Australia. I was standing on these rocks with a wide angle lens and this giant splash of water came up right when he did an air.  Everything came together in the image and created something different than most surf images.

 You’ve been to the Playboy Mansion. Is this as much of a bucket list moment as most guys think?

It is definitely somewhere every man needs to experience. Once you get there you will never ever want to go back home.

Summertime in Newport or Winter in Hawaii?

That’s a hard decision. It comes down to the choice between beautiful girls or perfect waves. Im gonna have to go with Summertime in Newport.

Eills Oahu

Ellis, Oahu

How do you figure out your set list each night – play along with the crowd or chase the trends?

I feel that the music controls the crowd. I like to plan out my entire set to the style of the party.

If you could dj for any party, any time, anywhere what would it be?

Night club in Las Vegas, New Years Eve. All of my friends would have to be there too.

The key to rocking a party is -

Loud music, good sound system, hot girls in the crowd, alcohol being poured on people, and playing music that everyone likes. When you play a sound that sounds like your computer is breaking then everyone stops having fun.

What’s your favorite point-of-view?

I really enjoy taking photos in the water. It is a whole different perspective out there that not too many people get to see.

Pasquales Mexico

Pascuales, Mexico

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