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Thursday Afternoon 7-31-14

Thursday Afternoon is TAVIK’s song choice to help get your weekend started early and “beat” the crowds…

Ariel Pink is one of the most underrated contemporary artists, and has only recently found more commercial success. His discography features a slew of self-recorded albums, ridden with tape hiss and screeching instrumentation, arguably more valued than his two later studio albums. This Thursday afternoon, listen to “She’s My Girl” off of his 2002 album, Lover Boy.

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$6.76+tax, it’s a wrap

So, the $6.76+tax event last Friday went off without a hitch. Thanks to all of you who came out to get rowdy with us. If you weren’t there or can’t remember what happened, here’s a quick recap courtesy of the our friends at Life Without Andy.

Until next time.

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$6.76 + tax

When we first saw Taylor Cardinio (aka @676plustax) pull a disposable camera out of his pocket at a show in Las Vegas, we all laughed. When we realized he carried them everywhere and shot everything, the joke was on us.

There’s something about film that makes a moment special, that makes people pose, act, or be naturally, and honestly who they really are. $6.76 is the price of a disposable camera. The price of twenty-seven perfectly imperfect photos. No memory card, no Photoshop…just a tangible collection of travels, girls, surf, strangers and everything else that’s fucking cool. Disposable youth making mistakes and not fearing the consequences.

We asked to see the archives and immediately wanted to put together a journal of his collection.

$676 + tax follows Taylor and his crew through the natural landscape of Southern California where TAVIK lives. “Often images of young kids are taken by people from outside their circle, where with Taylor, he is the author of his own story,” comments TAVIK Creative Director, Mark Powell.

The first volume of $6.76 + tax is 36 pages of content generated entirely by Taylor, presented in a small format print edition. Tavik chose to work with Taylor because we feel he captures the core of our Modern Beach identity, a new wave aesthetic to beach culture, and the TAVIK lifestyle, from day to night.

The book previewed at Agenda Long Beach, with a follow up event at Dax Gallery Friday, July 18th at 7pm. Come join us!

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Ben Carlson Paddle Out. RIP 1982-2014.

TAVIK would like to express our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Ben Carlson. Your son was a true hero. In loving memory RIP 1982-2014.

Story and video courtesy of EP5 Productions

15-year veteran of the Newport Beach Lifeguards, Ben Carlson, became the first city lifeguard to die in the line of duty.

That same morning, at the dog beach at the Santa Ana River mouth, with the large waves crashing into shore, many surfboards (and surfers) remained on the beach. Turns out there were dangerous rip-current conditions along the coast.

Carlson noticed a swimmer in distress in 6- to 8-foot surf and, as he is trained to do, dove in shortly before 5 p.m. Sunday. The 32-year-old lifeguard made contact with the unidentified man just as a large wave hit both. The swimmer was successfully pulled from the ocean and made a full recovery, but Carlson momentarily disappeared.

“The other lifeguard personnel at the scene attempted to rescue and assist Ben, but–due to the turbulent water conditions–they were unable to do so,” says Jennifer Manzella, the Newport Beach Police Department spokeswoman, in a statement.

“Members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Harbor Patrol, Laguna Beach Lifeguards, State Parks personnel, and the Newport Beach Police Department helicopter joined Lifeguard and Fire staff in the search for Ben. In all, 25 individuals conducted a search in the water, supported by 30 others on shore (including City Manager Dave Kiff) and air support.”

Carlson was eventually located around 8 p.m. and rushed by Newport Beach paramedics to Hoag Hospital. Cause of death is presumed to be drowning, but the county coroner is conducting an autopsy to make that official.

City officials say Carlson is the first lifeguard to die in the line of duty in the history of Newport Beach Lifeguards. His chief told reporters this morning Carlson will be afforded all the honors of someone who belongs to that storied “brotherhood.”

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Bob Mazzer UNDERGROUND Exhibition

In the 1980s, Bob Mazer worked as a projectionist at a porn cinema. During his tenure he began photographing daily commuters in the London Underground, capturing candid snapshots of the capital’s vibrant demographic. Now in his late ’60s, Mazzer presents an expansive body of work in his first solo show titled “UNDERGROUND” at Howard Griffin Gallery. Upheld by humorous undertones, the images capture the social history of London rarely seen — archival photos of punks and skinheads are placed alongside that of commuters smoking cigarettes in carriages. Check out the exhibition recap here and head to our latest THROUGH THE LENS for a closer look at Mazzer’s work.

Bob Mazzer Underground Exhibition
Howard Griffin Gallery
189-190 Shoreditch High Street,
E16HU, London
United Kingdom

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Thursday Afternoon 6-12-14

Thursday Afternoon

Thursday Afternoon Artist: Larry Gus

Larry Gus is the electronic project of Greek producer Panagiotis Melidis, and his newest album (Years Not Living) brought about an impressive approach to sampling. Melidis was able to develop an algorithm that would calculate all possible combinations of samples, categorized by tempo and key. He was left with about 200 possible songs, 10 of which made it to the album. This Thursday afternoon, listen to “With All Your Eyes Look” off of Years Not Living.

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Luke Rockhold Tours Europe

Reposted from Swell

Santa Cruz Surfer and UFC wonderboy Luke Rockhold just returned from a tour across Europe making guest appearances in the best beaches & clubs from Ibiza to Berlin. He kept it America strong rocking our Americana Trunks, and it clearly worked wonders for him.

(Clockwise top L to R) Matt isnt the only Rockhold brother who throws buckets, Tavik Americana Trunks, Luke @Heylittleslugger & Sunbather, Luke wins in TKO vs Costas Phillipou

Obviously Luke and Miles had some mind-altering/life-changing experiences with the Ibiza locals. Here’s their “Ode to the Spanish Señorita”

“Have you ever seen a Spanish women prepare fish? I have and it’s glorious. The Spanish women makes eye contact and smile at you during conversation. She rarely wears her top at the beach and seems to have curves in all the right places. Her accent hints of Penelope Cruz in vanilla sky. The Spanish women don’t care of your name or what you do for a living. To her, you are “honey baby”. We have come to the conclusion that we will be growing old with a Spanish señorita…Or Romanian…It’s a coin flip.”

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Basquiat x Komono Collaboration

The Tavik team headed up to LA last weekend to check out the Basquiat x Komono collaboration event hosted by the Network Agency. The Seventh Letter HQ housed a unique capsule collection of six Komono watches, each one uniquely featuring a different detail of the late Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work, displayed alongside prints of the original pieces. If you have always been a fan of the pop culture artist, now is your chance to capitalize without having to sell your soul. The collection dropped on May 15th, so grab one today before they are gone forever.

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Thursday Afternoon 5-22-14

Thursday Afternoon

Thursday Afternoon Artist: Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada are a Scottish electronic duo, and the most prominent act of art collective Hexagon Sun. Their sound features long drawn out melodies and structure, accompanied by broken up, sporadic rhythm. Known for their instrumentation, the group has been said to avoid a purely analogue sound, and commonly mixes in more conventional instrumentation. This Thursday afternoon, listen to “Read for the Dead” off of their 2013 album Tomorrow’s Harvest.

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Surf Summit 17

The Tavik team headed down to Cabo for Surf Summit 17 this past week to link up with other industry leaders for a bit of sun, surf and some powerful presentations by guest speakers highlighting how they overcame personal struggles and accomplished success through surfing. We were also proud to be a support for Surfari hosted by Transworld Business, which taught beginner surfers how to conquer the waves. For more on the event, take a peek at the story here.

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