A new series, On The Road is an introspective look into the lives and travels of Sex Panther as they tour the world performing for international and domestic audiences. Get excited for a collaboration between Sex Panther and yours truly coming soon…

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This year Street League partnered with Camp Woodward for the Street League Showdown. Woodward held a Street League style contest each week through out the summer and the winners of those contests were brought out to the Street League Championship in New Jersey for a final contest on the Championship course in front of a live audience. Check out their highlight video from the day:

TAVIK brand ambassador Ryan Thompson was one of six finalists in the Custom Street League Showdown. Check out his intro that played on the jumbo-tron during the contest:

Nice work buddy!

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Swell’s late fall 2012 catalog is chock full of the Holiday collection from yours truly. Check it out and get your hands on the AZTEC WovenVICTORY JacketRAY Tee and many more styles from the amazing TAVIK Holiday collection!




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We recently sent our friends over at Mammoth Men some gear for their latest California adventure. Pieces from our fall 2012 collection can be seen throughout their most recent documented explorations. These outgoing guys are a truly inspiring, adventurous and hilarious bunch. We look forward to more voyages and shenanigans from the Mammoth Men crew.

 The MOON tee and BENSON henley riding shotgun.

The VISION CIRCLE tee gets DIY cut off sleeves.

BENSON Henley: a camp favorite.

So what is Mammoth Men all about?

In a cold winter month of 2008, a small group of photographers from all over the country grabbed their snowboards to ride the mountains of Mammoth, California. During that week filled with exploration, spontaneity, and storied tales, a bond of mammoth-sized ideas and dreams was forged. These men made a commitment to adventure again and adventure often. What started as a one time getaway has turned into inspiring journeys across the country, including trips along the california coast, the deserts of the southwest, the heavenly powder of utah, the dirty south, and the warm surf of hawaii. Over the years the little wolfpack has traveled by car, by plane, and by tour bus. They’ve made a million memories together, and photographed a million more…

Stay up to date on Mammoth Men’s adventures by checking back to their website often:


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A night of drinks, dancing and debauchery ensued this past Friday when we hosted our 6th Annual What the Eff Party. Held at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa, droves of party goers were dressed to impress in some of the craziest, funniest and weirdest costumes we’ve seen in the six years we’ve been throwing this shindig. The crowd enjoyed sounds from Corey Wilson, Pillage the Village, Cut Snake, Sanjay and DETA. Check our Facebook page for an album of images from the night. Here are some photos we have already been able to collect:

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CHIP CHICK recently reviewed our TIME Case for iPhone 5. Here’s some highlights from the trendy tech blog:

The Tavik Visionaries Time Case for iPhone 5 is like shutter shades for your iPhone (remember those?!). This stylish one-piece shell is 75% case and the other 25% are stripes revealing your iPhone. Tavik, an apparel brand, has teamed up with their parent company and accessory manufacturer, Incipio, to design a lineup of cases fit for the fab and fashionable..

The Tavik Visionaries Time case is most certainly a unique one. There are prison-uniform striped cutouts on the back and sides of the case, with exception of a plus-shaped Tavik logo cutout on the back. It’s very light and very sleek case with a matte soft finish…

The Tavik Visionaries Time is definitely a fashionable and unique looking case with a snazzy design. It feels nice in-hand and does offer some protection. It’s one of the sleekest cases we’ve used, though we’d personally sacrifice a bit of sleekness for added protection. It’s currently available for $29.95.

The Good: Neat Design, Comfortable, Light, Sleek, Good Cutouts, Includes Screen Protector
The Bad: Wears/Discolors Quickly, Leaves iPhones Front Corners Exposed, Collects Dirt/Dust in Cutouts

To read the entire review, click here.

To purchase a TAVIK Time Case for iPhone 5, click here.

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Check out and shop for pieces from our Fall 2012 collection.

Designed to be worn layered, stock up on our printed, striped and color blocked short and long sleeves tees.

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Hill House Radio (HHR) recently released Episode #028 of their bi-weekly, expertly curated music playlist. As usual, the result is nothing short of amazing. Born out of a desire to share good music with discerning people, HHR is a genre-less podcast with the simple aim to put out great playlists for people to work to, play to and relax to.

Click here to peep and download their latest episode.

HHR kicked off January 2012 and since then, they’ve put out a new hour of curated, continuously mixed, music every 2 weeks. When HHR hit episode #24 (24 hrs of music!) – they opened things up and are starting to bring in guest curators.

The first HHR guest is a musician named Starcadian – he is an electronic artist working out of Brooklyn on his debut album ‘Sunset Blood’. His sound is decidedly 80′s with a heavy chill-wave influence. His episode is a truly eclectic experience, with bangers from Eddie Murphy, Toto and Goldroom to hidden gems from Letta Mbulu, Zombie Zombie and even an original Starcadian tune in the mix.

LOOK out for a HHR collab in the near future from yours truly!

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Couldn’t make it to THE POOL PARTY at Rancho Las Lomas? Here’s a little recap of what you missed out on. Don’t worry: many more good times to come from your friends at TAVIK. Stay tuned for details on our 6th annual WTF Halloween party!

Thanks to LovinLife Multimedia for creating this video:

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With their 2nd EP launching September 24, we sat down with our friends at Emeron & Fox (Jim, Bit & John) to learn a little more about the band. Crack a frosty beverage and enjoy the Q&A and tunes below:

How did you name the band?
We used to joke around pretending we were finance big-shots. You know, just being assholes and pretending to throw money around that’s not ours. The names Emeron Kale and Fox Barrington will always make us laugh.

How did the band form?
We’ve formed some awesome chemistry over the past 15 years. The three of us are insanely close, and have been experimenting with various sounds for some time now, but I guess you could say that geographical boundaries of going to college forced us to experiment with electronic music, and that was the initial driving force behind E&F.

Where are you from/ how has this effected your music?
We are from New Jersey but currently live in Brooklyn. We live on the same street in Brooklyn which is real great, we get tons of time to play- our favorite spot as of late is a back-room practice studio at this antique shop around the corner from our apartment in Brooklyn. It’s a real good time jamming in there, and we’ve somehow managed to not break any antiques on the way in…. yet.

Who should we be listening to?
Oh man, check out Monitor 66 from Stockholm- they are doing a remix for our upcoming EP “Nightmares” and they absolutely kick ass. The Benevento Russo Duo (Sunny’s Song is a band favorite), Flight Facilities, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (Household Goods is another band favorite), Goldroom if you’re in the party mood.. check out Purity Ring and Final DJ’s as well. Also check out Michael Lovett’s new project called NZCA Lines, Okinawa Channels is a real classic track.

If you could play a show, at any time (past or present) at any venue, with any other act who would it be (anywhere in the world)?

It’d be pretty awesome to play alongside Daft Punk on the global stage…. But we’re going to go the road less traveled and say we’d love to go back in time to the early 2000′s when we saw The Benevento Russo Duo at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. There were probably 25 people at the show, but it had some of the best energy of any show we’ve ever attended. I think we all agree that if we could go back to that moment and join them on stage playing “Sunny’s Song” or “Play Pause Stop”, it’d be well worth the time machine damaging our bodies and scrambling body parts around. I’m sure we could all play with each others’ limbs anyways. So long as the time machine doesn’t mess with Bit’s vocal chords, Bit’s voice coming out of John would be a fucking trip.

Have each band member name their favorite song and why.
Hard to pick a single favorite but we’ll each give you one of our top songs of all time…
Jim- NZCA Lines- “Okinawa Channels”
Bit- Benevento Russo Duo- “Sunnys song”
John- Freddy Hubbard- “Red Clay”

The Brooklyn based electronic group also shared their latest remix. It’s simply amazing. Take a listen here:

Is it September 24 yet?! We can’t wait to get our mitts on “Nightmares”.



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