Jim, of electronic group Emeron & Fox, just sent over his second installment of tracks and it’s nothing short of awesome. Put on your ski gear, plug in your headphones and enjoy Jim’s tunes while shredding the fresh pow this holiday season. Enjoy the ride.

1)   Memory Tapes- Neighborhood Watch

  1. This new track by Memory Tapes has a unique overall sound, and an incredible build. The track is driven by spacey and ambient sounds until it’s amazing release at the end. Be sure to give this one a listen all the way until the 4 -minute mark when it’s balls drop, you won’t be disappointed.

2)   Finnebassen- Footsteps (Adriatique Remix)

  1. This remix of Finnebassen’s track “Footsteps” is a fantastic take on the original. Strong kicks and funky guitar samples coupled with a fantastic vocal sample create an “altogether different beast” (from the Soundcloud description). Make sure to grab this one at your local Beatport dealer:

3)   Booka Shade- Night Falls

  1. One of the most epic dance tracks of all time from this incredible electronic duo. This song is not new, but is a classic that many people have not heard. If you are one of the people that has not heard of these guys check out these songs as well: “In White Rooms” (, and “Body Language” (

4)   Royksopp- What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Remix)

  1. Absolute gem. This song is not new, and it still surprises me to this day how many people have not heard it. It is one of my all-time favorite late night party jams.

5)   Tiger Love- Pussy Cocaine

  1. Some old-school Lo-Fi vibes here from Tiger Love. Incredible song and another late night banger. Check this one out ASAP if you haven’t heard of these guys. The other tracks on their EP “Under Control” and “Gio Gio” are solid as well.
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Getting to know visionary Corey Wilson…

How is waking up for morning light and staying up all night for your dj sets working out?

Photography and Music are my two most favorite things in the world. Being able to do both of them in one day is an amazing feeling. It gets pretty exhausting at times but that is what naps are for.

Best surfboard airbrush that has been punted toward your face while shooting?

Josh Hoyer basically painted the devil on the bottom of his board a couple years ago. It was one of the scariest things I have ever seen coming at me.

The prettiest girls in the world are in-

I am still on the search to find the place. I have heard that Argentina has the prettiest girls but in my eyes Brazil was the best.

What’s the best photo you’ve ever shot?

My favorite photo to this date is of Pat Gudauskas on the Gold Coast of Australia. I was standing on these rocks with a wide angle lens and this giant splash of water came up right when he did an air. Everything came together in the image and created something different than most surf images.

You’ve been to the Playboy Mansion. Is this as much of a bucket list moment as most guys think?

It is definitely somewhere every man needs to experience. Once you get there you will never ever want to go back home.

Summertime in Newport or Winter in Hawaii?

That’s a hard decision. It comes down to the choice between beautiful girls or perfect waves. Im gonna have to go with Summertime in Newport.

How do you figure out your set list each night – play along with the crowd or chase the trends?

I feel that the music controls the crowd. I like to plan out my entire set to the style of the party.

If you could dj for any party, any time, anywhere what would it be?

Night club in Las Vegas, New Years Eve. All of my friends would have to be there too.

The key to rocking a party is -

Loud music, good sound system, hot girls in the crowd, alcohol being poured on people, and playing music that everyone likes. When you play a sound that sounds like your computer is breaking then everyone stops having fun.

What’s your favorite point-of-view?

I really enjoy taking photos in the water. It is a whole different perspective out there that not too many people get to see.







To stalk COREY WILSON check him out here:



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Add TAVIK to your wish list this holiday season and check out our gear in the holiday gift guide!

Shop the Druger Jacket here and TIME, CHANNEL AND STAPLE iPhone 5 cases here. What more could you want under the tree this season?

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It would seem rather difficult to define a visionary. You could consult the average definition :


[vizh-uh-ner-ee]  adjective, noun,plural vi·sion·ar·ies.


1. given to or characterized by fanciful, not presently workable, unpractical ideas, views, or schemes:


Which actually may be entirely  correct. The reason that we have founded this program is built on this foundation – fanciful, not presently workable ideas. We love these sorts of ideas. Without a bit of dreaming we’d be stuck right where we’re at forever.

There’s lots of visionaries in the world, of varying influence. Some are affecting a small network of people and some are affecting the entire culture. As long as people are out there fighting the day to day struggle we say hurrah! Send it! Kick out the windows! We are here to tell your story and inspire the others, who may not yet have risen up, embraced the wacky, challenged the impossible and started inspiring change. To be a visionary it takes all of these things, and as long as our paths cross, no matter what it is you are doing, as long as your story is inspiring we will give it a platform to be told.


Stay tuned for the unveiling of these visionaries…

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Jim of electronic group Emeron & Fox, is TAVIK’s newest blog contributor. Working on Emeron & Fox’s first full length album and a boatload of remixes, Jim’s playlists for TAVIK offer a refreshing and refined take on the pleasant sounds out there.

“TAVIK recently sponsored us and sent us some really sick gear- so I spoke with them hoping they would let me contribute to their blog. I’ve been really excited to get started with this, and I’m happy to finally introduce myself,” said Jim.

“With that said, now I can start getting weird. I will now begin to court your ears. I’ve put together a little mini track-list for you guys of some of my recent favorites.”

Perfect for the Turkey Day car ride, here’s Jim’s first mini track list:

 1)   Kariya- Let Me Love you (Electronic Youth Remix) * Free download

  1. Start off with this fresh funky electro track from Electronic Youth. These guys really bring the heat. Some really mellow electric keyboards drive the track, punctuated by some real funky bass. Toss in that vocal sample and “Baby-“ you’ve got a real nu-disco/deep house banger.

2)   TEED- Your Love

  1. This track is an absolute gem. Been really turned onto this dude TEED (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) since I heard his first breakthrough single “Gardens”. I firmly believe this dude is a member of a an elite group of electronic/funk singer songwriters that are going to take over.

3)   NZCA Lines- Okinawa Channels

  1. Speaking of great electronic singer/songwriters, Michael Lovett really has my attention with his newest project NZCA Lines. He confesses his newest project is an attempt at recreating 90’s R&B. This track has some fantastic harmonies (as do most of his others, see Base64 Love) , and a really mellow vibe.

4)   Satin Jackets- You Make Me Feel Good

  1. This track is fresh (only 1 month old), incredibly tasteful, and real funky. A lot of talk about this track being one of the best of 2012, and I can definitely see how people argue that. Keep an eye on Satin Jackets, these guys are fierce.

5)   Chris Malinchak- So Good To Me

  1. This track from Chris Malinchak is insanely funky, and the sample is one that will get stuck in your head for weeks. Another producer definitely worth keeping an eye on. I predict this guy will rise fast.
More playlists coming your way from Jim at Emeron & Fox!


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A new series, On The Road is an introspective look into the lives and travels of Sex Panther as they tour the world performing for international and domestic audiences. Get excited for a collaboration between Sex Panther and yours truly coming soon…

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This year Street League partnered with Camp Woodward for the Street League Showdown. Woodward held a Street League style contest each week through out the summer and the winners of those contests were brought out to the Street League Championship in New Jersey for a final contest on the Championship course in front of a live audience. Check out their highlight video from the day:

TAVIK brand ambassador Ryan Thompson was one of six finalists in the Custom Street League Showdown. Check out his intro that played on the jumbo-tron during the contest:

Nice work buddy!

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Swell’s late fall 2012 catalog is chock full of the Holiday collection from yours truly. Check it out and get your hands on the AZTEC WovenVICTORY JacketRAY Tee and many more styles from the amazing TAVIK Holiday collection!




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We recently sent our friends over at Mammoth Men some gear for their latest California adventure. Pieces from our fall 2012 collection can be seen throughout their most recent documented explorations. These outgoing guys are a truly inspiring, adventurous and hilarious bunch. We look forward to more voyages and shenanigans from the Mammoth Men crew.

 The MOON tee and BENSON henley riding shotgun.

The VISION CIRCLE tee gets DIY cut off sleeves.

BENSON Henley: a camp favorite.

So what is Mammoth Men all about?

In a cold winter month of 2008, a small group of photographers from all over the country grabbed their snowboards to ride the mountains of Mammoth, California. During that week filled with exploration, spontaneity, and storied tales, a bond of mammoth-sized ideas and dreams was forged. These men made a commitment to adventure again and adventure often. What started as a one time getaway has turned into inspiring journeys across the country, including trips along the california coast, the deserts of the southwest, the heavenly powder of utah, the dirty south, and the warm surf of hawaii. Over the years the little wolfpack has traveled by car, by plane, and by tour bus. They’ve made a million memories together, and photographed a million more…

Stay up to date on Mammoth Men’s adventures by checking back to their website often:


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A night of drinks, dancing and debauchery ensued this past Friday when we hosted our 6th Annual What the Eff Party. Held at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa, droves of party goers were dressed to impress in some of the craziest, funniest and weirdest costumes we’ve seen in the six years we’ve been throwing this shindig. The crowd enjoyed sounds from Corey Wilson, Pillage the Village, Cut Snake, Sanjay and DETA. Check our Facebook page for an album of images from the night. Here are some photos we have already been able to collect:

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