Matty Bothfeld featured in Yobeat


The latest addition to our East Coast sales team, Matty Bothfeld, got a nice featurette on Yobeat for his skills behind and in front of the lens.

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Thursday Afternoon 8-21-14

Thursday Afternoon

Thursday Afternoon-Mac Demarco

Thursday Afternoon is TAVIK’s song choice to help get your weekend started early and “beat” the crowds…

Canadian resident Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV, better known by his stage name Mac Demarco, has been self recording music for years, finding more commercial success in 2012 when he signed to Captured Tracks. You always know when you hear a Mac Demarco song, and his live performances are just as unique and entertaining. Listen to “European Vegas” off of his 2012 album Rock and Roll Nightclub, and catch him at FYF this Sunday.

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Round Up – Made in America

Round Up is Tavik’s event recap of what went on, what you missed, and what you need to attend next time.

Jay-Z’s  Made in America festival in downtown Los Angeles is less than two weeks away!
Kanye West and Imagine Dragons are the headliners for the two days of music in Grand Park. The festival could attract as many as 50,000 people each day so grab your tickets and don’t’ miss out!


Our boys cutsnake will be performing August 30th so be sure to check set times and check them out! Photo: Sedz of Cutsnake stoking some fans out with our Tavik + Cutsnake collab hats.  Look for more of the same at the Made in American event!


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Thursday Afternoon 8-14-14

Thursday Afternoon

Thursday Afternoon Artist:The Ohh Sees

Thursday Afternoon is TAVIK’s song choice to help get your weekend started early and “beat” the crowds…

Thee Oh Sees is the musical project of guitarist John Dwyer, and over the past decade have become a prominent figure within the garage rock scene. Their sound is familiar yet subtly unique, and are notorious for pumping out albums within a matter of months. Listen to “Encrypted Bounce” off of the 2014 album Drop.

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Round Up – US Open of Surfing-Splash House

Round Up is Tavik’s event recap of what went on, what you missed, and what you need to attend next time.

The US Open of surfing storm has come and gone, and in its wake were several amazing events.  Surfing Magazine teamed up with Tavik and Sutra to put on their 3rd annual US open party!  Corey Wilson of Surfing Magazine was on the decks performing for a packed house leaving us looking forward to the 4th annual next year!

Round Up - Corey Wilson- US Open of Surfing - Surfer Magazine Party

Splash House in Palm Springs was an amazing event! The performances sprawl over three event locations including The Hard Rock, Hacienda, and Saguaro.  These locations being so close allows you to hop around and check out tons of acts while switching up the scenery.

Round Up - A-Trak performing at Splash House

Splash House Hard Rock stole the show with Chromeo and A-trak performing back to back!

Round Up- Cutsnake-Splash House

Our boys at Cutsnake had an amazing set on Sunday performing for groups of party goers shaking the rust off from the past two days in the desert.  It took about 3 tracks before people were back up and running! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a special Cutsnake/Tavik collaboration coming Summer 2015!

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Past and Present Tuesday August 12

Past and Present

Past and Present - The Natural Yogurt Band

Past and Present is Tavik’s way of paying homage to the musicians that may have been forgotten, but continue to inspire us today. In each installment we take music from earlier generations and compare it to the songs they influence today.

The Natural Yogurt Band are commonly referred to as a jazz duo, however simultaneously feature strong elements of funk, soul, and psychedelia. Many groups merely repeat what has been created in the past, but this UK duo has successfully given new life to genres that thrived in previous decades. Listen to their track “Pipe Dreams” off of the 2008 album Away With Melancholy, as well as Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up” off of the 1970 album Curtis!.

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Splash House August 8th-10th

Splash House is a city spanning music festival hosting some of the world’s best electronic artists across three poolside stages in Palm Springs California. Stages are connected together via nonstop shuttle service running through the night creating Splash House’s private transit line. Tickets include admission to all three venues, after parties and unlimited use of the shuttles.

Don’t forget to check out Cutsnake on Sunday at Saguaro in Palm Springs!  CUTSNAKE x TAVIK Limited Edition Hats will be available!  Other TAVIK hats are available Here.

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Thursday Afternoon 7-31-14

Thursday Afternoon is TAVIK’s song choice to help get your weekend started early and “beat” the crowds…

Ariel Pink is one of the most underrated contemporary artists, and has only recently found more commercial success. His discography features a slew of self-recorded albums, ridden with tape hiss and screeching instrumentation, arguably more valued than his two later studio albums. This Thursday afternoon, listen to “She’s My Girl” off of his 2002 album, Lover Boy.

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$6.76+tax, it’s a wrap

So, the $6.76+tax event last Friday went off without a hitch. Thanks to all of you who came out to get rowdy with us. If you weren’t there or can’t remember what happened, here’s a quick recap courtesy of the our friends at Life Without Andy.

Until next time.

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$6.76 + tax

When we first saw Taylor Cardinio (aka @676plustax) pull a disposable camera out of his pocket at a show in Las Vegas, we all laughed. When we realized he carried them everywhere and shot everything, the joke was on us.

There’s something about film that makes a moment special, that makes people pose, act, or be naturally, and honestly who they really are. $6.76 is the price of a disposable camera. The price of twenty-seven perfectly imperfect photos. No memory card, no Photoshop…just a tangible collection of travels, girls, surf, strangers and everything else that’s fucking cool. Disposable youth making mistakes and not fearing the consequences.

We asked to see the archives and immediately wanted to put together a journal of his collection.

$676 + tax follows Taylor and his crew through the natural landscape of Southern California where TAVIK lives. “Often images of young kids are taken by people from outside their circle, where with Taylor, he is the author of his own story,” comments TAVIK Creative Director, Mark Powell.

The first volume of $6.76 + tax is 36 pages of content generated entirely by Taylor, presented in a small format print edition. Tavik chose to work with Taylor because we feel he captures the core of our Modern Beach identity, a new wave aesthetic to beach culture, and the TAVIK lifestyle, from day to night.

The book previewed at Agenda Long Beach, with a follow up event at Dax Gallery Friday, July 18th at 7pm. Come join us!

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