CHIP CHICK recently reviewed our TIME Case for iPhone 5. Here’s some highlights from the trendy tech blog:

The Tavik Visionaries Time Case for iPhone 5 is like shutter shades for your iPhone (remember those?!). This stylish one-piece shell is 75% case and the other 25% are stripes revealing your iPhone. Tavik, an apparel brand, has teamed up with their parent company and accessory manufacturer, Incipio, to design a lineup of cases fit for the fab and fashionable..

The Tavik Visionaries Time case is most certainly a unique one. There are prison-uniform striped cutouts on the back and sides of the case, with exception of a plus-shaped Tavik logo cutout on the back. It’s very light and very sleek case with a matte soft finish…

The Tavik Visionaries Time is definitely a fashionable and unique looking case with a snazzy design. It feels nice in-hand and does offer some protection. It’s one of the sleekest cases we’ve used, though we’d personally sacrifice a bit of sleekness for added protection. It’s currently available for $29.95.

The Good: Neat Design, Comfortable, Light, Sleek, Good Cutouts, Includes Screen Protector
The Bad: Wears/Discolors Quickly, Leaves iPhones Front Corners Exposed, Collects Dirt/Dust in Cutouts

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